Locally Owned & Operated


Salon Ownership Made EasyOwning a salon is a lot of work with several large upfront costs and risks. However, salon suites eliminate many of the risks, offer a lower start-up cost, and remove you from the typical drama involved with owning a salon (or working for one). While franchises offer many opportunities, local providers are able to deliver a more personal experience. A locally owned and operated salon suite provider remains focused on you as an individual. They are also more familiar with the area and have connections that a franchise simply does not.


When you start a business under a franchise name, the owner is selling you the rights of their business including their logo, company model, and name. In these situations, Suite Nectar would be referred to as a “franchisee” that operates under that businesses name. On a large scale, this could be McDonalds or UPS; however, the same applies in the beauty industry. In other words, if Suite Nectar was a franchisee, the costs would be higher over the long term (ultimately affecting each health and beauty professional who rents space from the franchisee) and we would be restricted to the rules laid down by the franchisor.  Those franchisors do not get the same opportunity to get to know each stylist, beauty or health professional. They apply rules – across the country – without always understanding our local community and its culture.


Health Beauty ProfessionalsSince Suite Nectar is locally owned and operated, we do not have to abide by a set of franchise rules – rules that often limit what franchisees can offer to their tenants. We are proud to have set rules that work for the health and beauty professionals that we serve. As long as our business is properly licensed, you have the ability to rent a space and work for yourself. By being locally owned, Suite Nectar Salons is able to offer so many benefits, to include:


  • Ability to Have Own, Personal Business
  • Not Limited to Working Under a Franchise Name
  • Reduced Start-Up Costs
  • Additional Professional Amenities
  • Freedom to Design Own Space
  • Freedom to Set Own Hours & Pricing
  • No Need to Share Equipment or Space
  • Local Area Connections & Experience

Suite Nectar is able to work as your business partner and supplies a number of amenities to make the start-up process easier for increased upfront revenue. Reduced limitations make it possible for us to function as an innovative, flexible business partner you can count on throughout the journey to salon freedom!


As a locally owned and operated salon suite provider, we also have a more personal connection with businesses and suppliers in the area. This allows us to help you find the best services in the area such as equipment providers and product suppliers. A franchise cannot easily access these resources and is not familiar with the location. Since the team at Suite Nectar lives in the same area and community, it is easy for them to provide advice for building business relationships, make recommendations, and they can even help you promote your new business! By choosing Suite Nectar Salons, you gain the insight of a local neighbor and experienced professional who is able to help your business thrive in the area.