The Suite Nectar Way

Discover what sets Suite Nectar Salons apart from the rest.


Suite Nectar Salons takes your safety and the protection of each business seriously. We have implemented several measures to ensure you have a private, secure place of business with 24/7 access. As part of this security measure, each studio has an locking door to prevent any unauthorized entry during off hours. The common area remains accessible to allow clients to come in for scheduled appointments or as a walk-in at any time.


If you are closed, the door is securely locked to prevent anyone traveling through the building from getting into your space to gain access to your business or personal belongings. Every space is private and separate from other professionals in the building. Our security and accessibility features include:


  • Individual Locking Doors
  • Video Surveillance & Security
  • Separate Ventilation for Odor Elimination
  • Personal Retail Shelf & Business Space


Enjoy personally selected music, have uninterrupted conversations with clients, and eliminate the turmoil of booth rental or commission-based positions. Suite Nectar Salons delivers one-on-one time with each customer in a customized environment where you determine what is sold, offered, and provided.


Our security measures make certain the business is safe both during operating hours and off hours. 24/7 access to your suite makes it easy to meet the demands of customers as well as any personal needs. With constant surveillance and professionals entering during various hours, all eyes will be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. We want you to have all the necessary security for a safe, productive business environment!

Well Kept Common Areas & Perks for Everyone

Have you ever walked into a mall only to see a dirty common area where the appeal simply seems to be lost? We all have! At Suite Nectar Salons, we understand that the image portrayed by the common area directly impacts the image of your business. If the floors are dirty or trash is laying around, then your business suffers. Our buildings are kept clean to ensure the value of offered services does not decline in the eyes of existing clients or potential walk-ins.


Part of our job is to provide a clean, inviting building to existing and potential clients. We provide common area cleaning services to make certain your clients walk into an exceptional atmosphere. Our concierge services make your business easy to find by anyone who calls or walks in the door. Clients also have access to free Wi-Fi while they are waiting to receive salon services.


As an owner in the complex, you have access to a break room/kitchen area that is shared with other beauty professionals in the building. Use it to toss around ideas, partner up for referrals, or to simply eat your lunch after the morning rush. It is there for your use any time you need a good break from a busy day of salon entrepreneurship. Suite Nectar also offers a number of start-up benefits such as:


  • Utility Costs Included in Rent
  • Concierge Services
  • Rental Cost Ramp Up Period Options
  • Marketing & Business Support
  • One Week Rent Free!
  • Additional Start-Up Amenities


With so many benefits, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to start your own salon and begin earning 100% revenue! Suite Nectar wants to be your partner in this adventure and offers plenty of assistance to ensure an easy start.

Full-Time Concierge Services for You and Clients

Foyer_1Operating in a building full of suites often makes it difficult for clients or walk-ins to find your business. That is why we offer full-time concierge services where your clients are directed to their destination as needed. Our concierge manages all information through the front desk. This means the front desk is always clean, available, and ready to serve your clients. The following are some of the perks that you may gain through our concierge services:


  • A Beautiful, Clean Entrance
  • Reliable Assistance for Clients
  • Increased Time Savings
  • Reduced Expenses
  • Increased Productivity
  • Ability to Focus on Your Business
  • A Little Peace of Mind During the Day


Concierge services provide a number of benefits beyond having someone to direct clients to your space from a clean entrance. They are able to enhance communication between you and clients. The worry of someone not being able to find you is also eliminated. Additionally, having someone available to take care of some of your tedious administrative tasks is a real time and money saver.


Further, our concierge services aid in maintaining a productive environment where the focus remains on providing excellent service to clients. By not worrying about taking calls, directing walk-ins, and managing the front desk, you are able to focus on what you do best! Not to mention, peace of mind is gained by knowing that your best interests are a top priority because this important aspect of your business is taken care of.



Grab Your Week Free of Rent Every Year!


One of the downsides of owning a business is maintaining a busier schedule and working additional hours. This is great for generating earnings, but everyone needs a break from time to time. Suite Nectar offers a one of a kind convenience where you get one week a year rent-free to take some time off. To make this deal even sweeter, you also get four weeks off for maternity leave. Part of having a successful business is having the ability to take care of your needs as well!


Working too much or without breaks is not only devastating to a person’s health, but essentially degrades the quality of service provided to clients. We want to help ensure a healthy lifestyle where it is easier to focus on the business and still have opportunities to relax. A vacation allows you to rejuvenate, spend time with family, regain focus, and maintain a good balance. This reduces the amount of anxiety experienced from running your own business and helps in preparing for whatever comes your way each day.


We encourage you to take advantage of our rent-free vacation week to promote a successful lifestyle and business success. If there are concerns about clients, rent, or other space related issues, our team will help you address them for a worry free vacation.

Do it for your health…

Our vacation and maternity leave benefits are not something you will always have available from other salon suite providers. An inability to take time off has many downsides including:


  • Feeling Mentally Drained
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Lack of Balance Between Work & Life
  • Inability to Put Work Aside
  • Lack of Time with Family & Friends
  • Inability to Focus at Work

Monthly Lunch and Learn Opportunities

Lunch-and-LearnAn opportunity to advance and learn new skills is a must when operating your own business. Learning opportunities offer the chance for you to acquire knowledge about new styling techniques or insight regarding essential skills for driving your entrepreneurship. At Suite Nectar Salons, we believe continued learning is critical to the success of any business. One of the benefits we offer are monthly lunch and learn opportunities, which allow our professional partners to:


  • Stay Current with the Latest Trends
  • Get Inspired in Your Trade
  • Learn Valuable Salon Techniques
  • Be Introduced to New Professional Concepts
  • Mingle & Connect with Salon Owners
  • Gain Techniques to Enhance Your Business


Our lunch events supply an opportunity to attend a laid back, social setting with peers and take part in continued education. Learning is essential whether you have been in the industry for years or just recently graduated. Education promotes healthy growth of your business, health and beauty skills, and ensures overall success.

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