What’s the Buzz Behind Salon Suite Rental?

The Best of Both Worlds

Your Own Salon BusinessIn the beauty industry, there are three options: working on commission, renting a booth, or owning your own business. While commission jobs promote the idea of having a steady income, they also require you to work set hours for an established business who typically markets their own products. Booths speak more freedom, but still have many limitations including more out of pocket costs while still working for someone else’s salon. Salon suite rental is often the best of both worlds:  a cost effective opportunity to start your own business, reaping all of the benefits, selecting your own products in a private space where you operate as an independent professional.


With salon suites, there are no shared spaces and each professional runs their own business within the same building. Choosing to rent a salon suite delivers the ability to be your own boss in a dedicated personal space. Suites typically offer ample security, a clean environment, and all the amenities necessary to travel down the path toward salon success. Being a business owner has many perks including having the ability to:


  1. Set Own Work Schedule & Hours
  2. Work for Yourself, Not Another Salon
  3. Work in a Private, Personal Atmosphere
  4. Offer Desired Services at a Beneficial Price
  5. Build Your Own Personal Client Base
  6. Experience Increased Client Privacy
  7. Gain Opportunities for Continued Education
  8. Brand the Business to Create a Unique Identity


These are just a few of the perks gained when starting your own business by renting a salon suite. Since the building is full of complimentary professionals, it is easy to get referrals from surrounding businesses. At Suite Nectar Salons, we offer competitively priced suites with the opportunity to create their own unique look and feel. Additionally, you gain personal assistance with the start-up process and everything necessary to quickly get the business moving. Owning a salon can be incredibly rewarding when you are working with a partner who takes interest in your venture.


Suite Nectar Salons provides everything you need to get started as a successful business owner. No more set hours like in commission-based jobs or loss of revenue in a booth environment. Are you ready to start being the boss? Renting a salon suite puts you in charge rather than making money for another salon owner. It also allows you to market the products you desire rather than those chosen for you. Being the boss has abundant perks, but the overwhelming majority agree that the biggest perk is: The revenue you make is the revenue you keep!

The revenue you make is the revenue you keep!

Overcome the Fear of Owning a Business

No Fear With Suite Nectar SalonsWhen thinking about owning your own business, the initial steps can be exhausting. Not only must you find the right location, but it is just as essential to customize the space and have access to beneficial services. It would be nice if you could just rent a space and open your doors; however, there is a little more to it. Beyond these essentials, there are additional items to add to the checklist for starting your own business including:


  • Credit Card Processing
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Product Selling & Placement
  • Licensing Forms & Processing
  • Business Costs & Rates
  • Furnishings & Equipment


Okay, so the list might seem a little long, but that is why you need a partner who already knows and understands these needs. Suite Nectar Salons provides a helping hand to guide you through the process. Our objective is to ensure your business is not just successful, but also everything you dreamed it could be. Don’t let the fear or risk associated with starting your own business hold you back! Suite Nectar offers plenty of helpful services and benefits designed to promote the right start for your business.


Initial start-up tasks such as acquiring credit card processing equipment and meeting business licensing requirements are sometimes confusing, but our team can help. When you acquire one of our spaces, we give you the support you need to ensure that have the right resources to tackle your initial business pains quickly for a faster start-up and revenue generation.

Ample Support for Your Blooming Business

At Suite Nectar, our goal is to help your business succeed and flourish. We are not just an owner renting spaces to tenants, but rather a partner you are able to lean on. All of our suites are priced to be occupied and have their own unique atmosphere. As part of this, we provide a full start-up kit to ensure you have everything necessary to open your business.


Our team is here to assist with the tasks of licensing, acquiring the right equipment, and even available to help you with a marketing strategy. Suite Nectar Salons provides a unique opportunity to be your own boss. Each personalized space comes with exceptional start-up amenities including:


  • Basic Furniture Packages
  • Rental Cost Ramp Up Period Options
  • Unique Suites at Affordable Pricing
  • Free Wi-Fi Throughout the Building
  • All Utilities Included in Suite Pricing
  • Common Area Cleaning Services & Perks


A little extra help and access to abundant experience can seem like a blessing when just getting started. At Suite Nectar Salons, we have already jumped through the hoops to start our own business. Now we want to help you get there with ease and swiftness! Our basic furniture packages are offered at no additional cost making it easy to quickly place furnishings in the space for operation. You will have immediate access to Wi-Fi and all utilities for the space – which are also covered in your rental fee. No hidden costs!  We also take care of building common areas to provide a clean welcoming environment for your clients or walk-ins! We are ready when you are ready!


There are so many benefits to running your own salon! Suite Nectar Salons offers a great opportunity to transform your vision of working for yourself into a successful venture. What are you waiting for? Get on board today!

Take Some Time to Tap into Your Creative Side

With Your First Week Rent Free!

109_1One of the most important aspects of starting a salon business is to add a little personal flare. How much is up to you as long as the space offers a personal touch that makes clients feel welcome and sets the tone for offered services. At Suite Nectar, the first week is on us to ensure you have time to design the perfect space for your business. As part of this perk, our free basic furniture packages provide everything necessary to get started and may contain items such as:


  • Tool Cabinets
  • Swivel Chairs
  • Shampoo Bowls
  • Functional Storage
  • Retail Shelves
  • Salon Mirrors

While our basic package definitely provides everything you need to hit the ground running, your own personal flare is essential to self-expression. Want to take space décor a step further? With your rent-free period it’s easy to start advertising your business and create a unique theme. Beyond basic furnishing, here are a few potential items for tailoring the design of your space:


  • Pictures or New Wall Color
  • Plants
  • Drapes & Curtains
  • Chairs & Furniture
  • Throw Pillows
  • Themed Decorations


We want your clients to feel at home in the new business space. The opportunities are endless and only limited by your own creativity. With some of the rent taken care of, create the perfect business environment. Whether it is a specific color theme, an era such as the 60’s, or even a new personal style, Suite Nectar can help you make it all happen.


Adding a sense of style to the space is an easy way to express yourself! Here is the opportunity to create a warm, comfortable environment for every person who walks in the door. It’s your own place of business and we encourage you to dig right in! Check out our other amenities or give us a call to find out more about starting your own salon!

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