“The Suite Nectar Life” with Erica Nodzo

“The Suite Nectar Life” with Erica Nodzo

Erica Nodzo owner of Beauty MarkErica Jasmine Nodzo is all about having fun with color and the variety that comes with it. Her business, Beauty Mark in Suite 101, is nourished by her passion for hair coloring and has given Erica the chance to do what she truly loves. When she is not at the salon performing a hair transformation, you might find her at a local event or watching her favorite TV show. Learn more about this unique, color driven New York Native in this edition of “The Suite Nectar Life.”

A Tale About a Boy

Erica made her way to Charlotte from Binghamton, New York after meeting a boy. “I met him through my best friend while attending Nationwide Beauty Academy in Ohio – it is her brother,” she said. While it is a common tale, this one has a successful twist, as the move helped her down the path to owning her own salon.

In Her Free Time

During a spell of free time, you might find her watching her favorite television show: Big Bang Theory. Who is her favorite character? “Sheldon. He is just crazy and out of his mind,” she said. Running a salon definitely changes the way you spend your free time without regret!  She shared “I can’t remember the last movie I saw!” “OH!  I watched the Grinch at the Speedway Christmas event, it was all lit up and just awesome.” She said. A must-see and do!

Favorite Superhero?

Everyone has his or her own favorite superhero whether it is Batman, The Hulk, or Captain America.  But for this super star, it’s Wonder Woman. “She is amazing!” she said. Many like Wonder Woman’s super snazzy belt, but Erica is fascinated with another trait of the superhero. “I like her hair of course!  Texas housewife hair, I call it,” she said.

Hair Color: It’s the Bomb

The variety and options involved with coloring hair is one of the many things that inspires Erica as a stylist. “Every person’s color is different from everyone else’s, even if they are a basic red or brown,” she said,   “I love to mix colors and to make it my own.”  Her advice for new hair colorists? “Have fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously.”

Why Suite Nectar and Suite 101?

One morning, while browsing the Internet, Erica stumbled upon Suite Nectar on Craigslist and it caught her eye. “I liked the homey feeling and the environment.” When she came in to meet George, he actually looked like a maintenance man and was working on our space.  He was so down to earth. It was perfect,” she said.

Her initial pick was Suite 136, but shortly thereafter, her attention was directed to Suite 101. “It feels like the first suite you see when you walk in our door,” she said and then continued, “I love the layout. It is right out in front with windows.” For Erica, the decision to move to Charlotte and a lucky find on the Internet has grown into a unique opportunity for which Suite Nectar and all of Erica’s clients are grateful!

Find out more about Erica’s services on her Suite Nectar Salons Professionals page.

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