The Suite Nectar Life with Ashley Stephens

The Suite Nectar Life with Ashley Stephens

Ashley Stephens owner of Bombshell Beauty Day SpaThe inspiration behind Ashley Stephens’ business, Bombshell Beauty Day Spa, comes straight from bombshell idols of the 1940’s and 1950’s like Marilyn Monroe. Besides being a full-time business owner, Ashley is also a busy mom of two four-year-old twin girls. After relocating from Savannah, Georgia with her husband, she came across an advertisement for Suite Nectar and decided to take the giant leap toward employment freedom. Find out more about this fun, energetic mom and her spa ownership journey in this edition of “The Suite Nectar Life.”

Why is She Inspired By Marilyn Monroe?

As a big Marilyn Monroe fan, she wanted her business to have the same presence as conveyed by the iconic bombshells of those times. “I always dreamed of having my own salon and knew I would name it bombshell!” she said excitedly. For her, individuals like Marilyn Monroe were an idol due to their beauty and elegance. “She was a total sex symbol who went from a small town girl to having the world at her feet,“ she explained.

How Did She Learn About Suite Nectar?

Ashley Stephens Bombshell Day SpaShe learned about Suite Nectar through an advertisement one day while working at her current salon position. “When I came in, I instantly fell in love,” she explained. “There was an immediate connection that just felt right!” For her, everything fell into place and the process was so smooth. Starting her own spa was simply in the cards.

The suite she chose not only had good vibes, but also was close to the restroom for her customers. “People want to go change or clean off,” she said, “ and it just felt like the right suite for my business.” She painted it “celebration gold” to keep the bombshell inspiration going. “It is the perfect gold!” she shared, “It provides a special Zen feeling, which ties into my overall color scheme.”

Her Fantasy Characters of Choice

Most likely referred to as lovable, mommy, or even ‘crazy’ by her twins, her cartoon character of choice is Road Runner. “Because I go 120 mph and never stop!” she exclaimed and then continued, “I’m all over the place all the time!” For a superhero, her top pick is Wonder Woman and a common choice thanks to the feminine side this superhero brings to the table. “She conquered the comic world!” she exclaimed.

When Spare Time Surfaces

When not running in circles to keep up with her business and children, she might be found enjoying her favorite meal. “I absolutely love Fettuccine Alfredo,” she declared. Her ideal day off would be catching up on a little reading, which is no doubt hard to fit into a busy schedule! “I love to read,” she said, “But if I was close to the mountains, I would take a hike.”

Her Alternative Career Path

Life outside of having her own business might have been a drab and boring endeavor. “I would be living an unfulfilled clerical life,” she said about an alternative career path. But instead, she chose a different path that led to the birth of Bombshell Beauty Day Spa and Suite Nectar is ecstatic about being part of it all!

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