“The Suite Nectar Life” with Katy Miller

“The Suite Nectar Life” with Katy Miller

More Katy Miller Nail CreationsKaty Miller moved to Charlotte after her husband retired from the military. She has a creative flair for a variety of unique nail styles cultivated from 5 years of experience. The opportunity to start her own salon was what drew her to Suite Nectar and sparked Katy’s Nails in Suite 104. But what really sealed the deal was how easy the staff made it for her to get started. From sports to traveling, learn more about what inspires Katy in this edition of “The Suite Nectar Life.”

Katy Miller Nail CreationsA Little Bit About Katy Miller

Her interests include playing sports, traveling, and going to the movies with her husband. “Cuban food, beans and rice, and fried chicken, “ was her response when asked about her favorites foods. “I love German food too!” she added and yes, she cooks them as well! If Katy were a cartoon character, her choice would be Betty Boop! “I definitely would not want to be Hello Kitty or Fiona,” she said.

Spending a night out with her husband is also at the top of the list. “We go to the movies and dinner,” she said, “ If I had a choice, I would watch a love story.” When not cooking, running her business, or having a night out with her hubby, Katy might be found on the racquetball court. “My favorite sports team to watch is the Cuban baseball team,” she said and then continued, “In America, I would choose Ohio!”

There’s No Place Like Home

As a Cuban native who has lived in Charlotte for approximately a year, traveling is not just a dream, but also a deep desire. “Stuttgart, Germany is where I would like to travel most,” she said and then went on to say. “This is where I come from, I went to school there, and met my husband there.” Not only does Katy want to visit this significant place in her life, but also picked up the German language along the way.

A Creative Side

She loves diverse, unique design opportunities where clients provide the chance to express her creative side. “I can be very extravagant and soft, “ she said, “I like it when people give me the freedom to be creative for an event.” The occasion is only part of her inspiration for nail designs. “I am creative for the occasion and strive to show personality in my work.” she said.

Why Suite Nectar?KatyMiller-NailCreations2

Katy was drawn to Suite Nectar by the opportunity to own her own salon; however, other aspects also enticed this big leap. “I chose this place because it was a wonderful opportunity and the location offered great highway access for my clients,” she said. “The staff gave me the confidence to get started,” she continued, “There were no complications at all, I love it!” For Katy, Suite Nectar Salons provided her the chance to own a business at a great location and to let her creativity shine!

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