“The Suite Nectar Life” with Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams owner of Mane FocusLisa Williams moved her business from Philly to Charlotte five years ago and like other stylists rented a chair in an area salon. Her exceptional hair-styling skills and growing clientele placed her in a position to consider her own personal space. The non-franchise, organic presence of Suite Nectar Salons is what intrigued Lisa the most. Twenty years of experience and her choice to be in a personal suite has been incredibly satisfying. Learn more about this motivated, hair-loving mom in this edition of “The Suite Nectar Life.”

Mane Focus: More Than Just a Name

As a natural hair stylist, Lisa is dedicated to her clients and this is the basis of “Mane Focus”. “Your hair is my main focus,” she said, “You are my main focus.” Besides being a successful stylist, Lisa is a dedicated mom who loves everything about working with hair. “What else would I be? I just love hair,” she said laughingly when asked about alternative career choices.

Lisa loves working with natural hair because it provides an interesting variety. “Different textures are so amazing,” she said, “Straight, natural, to curly – diversity is so awesome.” Her ideal client is anyone who is ready to take a unique hair journey. “Someone who knows and trusts that I will take the integrity of their hair to heart,” she said.

Why Suite 106 at Suite Nectar?

She chose Suite Nectar because it had an organic, warm presence as opposed to other options. “It didn’t feel cold or franchise like,” she said when asked why. “When I met Ron, he had open arms,” she said, “He had this little boy with him and carried him along while showing the salon. It was so sweet!”

For Lisa, Suite Nectar offers a warm, inviting environment that is different than other booth rentals. Suite 106 was her natural choice for Mane Focus, as she was drawn to its energy. “I looked at other options once, but found myself coming back to 106,” she said, “The energy in this suite is remarkable.”

An Interesting Day Off

Some might consider shopping or a day at the beach as an ideal Saturday, but for Lisa the perfect day involves working on her mannequins. “When I am not working, I am creating new ideas and trying new things on my mannequin,” she said. She really loves her job and is dedicated to learning new techniques for her clients.

Life Outside of Hair

Her business is definitely a priority, but she has many other interests including her family. When asked about her ideal traveling spot, Italy was the answer. “Like natural hair, it can be fancy but raw,” she said, “It seems so authentic and beautiful.” This might correspond with her favorite food choice, which by the way is pizza.

Dancing is another favorite past time for her when she needs to relax. “My children say I don’t have any rhythm, but dancing is the root of happiness,” she said. Mane Focus has continued to grow thanks to her dedication to clients, years of experience, and the personal space she gained through Suite Nectar Salons.

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